Our Rhythm & Vine's EVOO's are supplied by The Olive Table.  Their extra virgin olive oils are premium oils produced by their family in the southwestern part of Greece known as Messenia.  

We are proud to add Carter & Cavero Olive Oils and Balsamics.

All of our extra-virgin olive oils are first cold pressed and made through a purely physical process of pressing olives at their optimal ripeness. They have all gone through a demanding selection process to assure that they are among the best olive oils in the world.  

Looking for a special way to liven up your cooking or for an oil that is just great for dipping? Carter & Cavero is proud to offer several fruit fused and infused oils that taste fresh from the garden or tree.



Balsamic Vinegar

Carter & Cavero offers an extensive selection of gourmet vinegars from around the world. Whether you choose one of our Balsamic Condimentos from Italy, such as our Traditional Style Balsamic Condimento, our Fig Balsamic Condimento, Strawberry Balsamic Condimento or Dark Choclate Balsamic Condimento we offer a wide range of flavors and styles of vinegars that are perfect by themselves or paired with one of our extraordinary olive oils.


All of our olive oil and vinegar bottles include a handy synthetic pouring cork which features an air-tight seal on the top which allows for a clean, portion controlled pour.