Brew Bucket Brewmaster Edition Fermenter - 7 Gal

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With the Brewmaster Bucket, they took an already awesome product, the Brew Bucket, and added some key features that consumers are hungry for. What really sets the Brewmaster Bucket™ apart from other fermenters are features such as stacking during ferment or the included rotatable racking arm and ball valve spigot assembly. What other fermenter on the market allows you to stack one on top of another even with airlocks plugged into the lids? The Brewmaster Bucket comes with a weldless 304 stainless steel thermowell and LCD temperature gauge with a silicone housing. The integrated racking arm is an ingenious design allowing for easy rotation during racking along with easy cleaning. The Brewmaster Bucket's conical bottom allows trub to settle out nicely in a more concentrated space and has the effect of minimizing the surface area of your beer that is contact with the trub during ferment. Brewer’s grade 304 stainless steel construction, integrated racking arm / ball valve assembly, stackable design, and conical bottom…. That’s an awful lot of fermenter for the money!

Certified food grade 304 stainless steel
6.95 gallon maximum capacity
Stackable during ferment
Weldless 304 stainless steel thermowell
LCD temp gauge with silicone housing
Easy to clean!
Stackable for storage
Carry handles on sides, move when full!
17 mm lid hole and included stopper
Lid hole perfect size for 1/2" ID blow off tubing
Food grade silicone lid gasket
Conical bottom to trap trub
Included 3/8" ball valve with hose barb
Take gravity samples from bottom ball valve
Rotatable racking arm
ETCHED (not painted) gallon markings inside
21" H x 13" W product dimensions /approx 12.5 lbs