Black Saison TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit

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Black Saison? That’s right! We take the Belgian beauty known as Saison and turn the lights off in the farmhouse by adding a super smooth roasted barley called Black Pearl from Patagonia Malt. Black Pearl is 100% huskless, so the outer layer of the barley is removed before roasting, lending a much softer and less astringent roast character. This saison has all the classic flavors of spice and fruity esters but with a complex coffee and chocolate edge that finishes dry and crisp. You can leave the lights off! INGREDIENTS/CONTENTS SPECIALTY GRAIN, CRUSHED 12 oz Patagonia Perla Negra 340L 4 oz Patagonia Caramel 190L FERMENTABLES 2 × 3.3 lb Briess CBW® Pilsen Light LME 1 × 1 lb Briess Bavarian Wheat DME HOPS & FLAVORINGS 1 oz Northern Brewer Pellets - Bittering 1 oz Saaz Pellets - Aroma YEAST 11 g Danstar Belle Saison OTHER 5 oz Priming Sugar 55 ct Bottling Caps Muslin Bag Instruction Sheet